Pink Weddings Couple Story: Amy & Hannah

From sharing a hobby Amy found herself hurtling head­long into a future with Hannah. She shares their story.

I always thought it was a bit naff that everyone says their wedding day is the most amazing day of their lives. Turns out I was wrong…

I was Hannah’s boss! We both work in TV and she knew me from videos I had posted online about our shared passion – roller derby. So it was weird to say the least. But I was a good boss and behaved myself: we didn’t get together for another 18 months!

I went shopping for an engagement ring with my best buddy just to see if I could get an idea of what I thought Hannah might want and what I liked too. I found a beautiful vintage Edwardian ring in The Lanes in Brighton and was like, ‘Eeeek! Oh no, I actually have to do this now.’

I had a whole elaborate plan for the proposal. Hannah is a ridiculously obsessed Potter nerd, so her pal and I tricked her into going to the Harry Potter studios for the day (for the third time!) – and in the meantime, I decked out our 30ft balcony with fairy lights. I managed to practically poke my eye out and give myself a blood blister on my eyeball, and I nearly gave up multiple times, but it was worth it. It looked amazing.

She arrived back from her day out full of Potter joy and I took her out onto the balcony and asked if she’d liked what I’d done to it, because she loves fairy lights. She seemed a little confused because it was December and after Christmas. I had painted a Stranger Things type sign at the end of balcony that said I LOVE YOU with colourful lights on it.


I went down to the sign and pulled it off to reveal another sign that said WILL YOU MARRY ME? (Please) and got down on one knee with the ring. She was like, ‘What? WHAT? Really?’ And then she said OK. And I was like, ‘OK? You’re supposed to say yes!’ So she said yes, and then we drank the champagne out of fancy saucers I’d hidden in the bench under the sign.

Our wedding was in the pub! We both love the pub and so it was pretty easy to decide to have all the celebrations we possibly could there. The ceremony, meal and party were all in a fabulous place called the Prince Albert.

It’s a really old pub in the back streets of Camden – a beautiful space with gorgeous windows all the way round and the light looked absolutely magical on the day. The beers, wines and food were all excellent. But the best thing of all was the staff who made our day so much fun, stress-free and just absolutely incredible.

When my mother-in-law was told the wedding would be in the pub and I’d probably get merry over the course of the day, she exclaimed: ‘Oh Amy, there’s nothing worse than a drunk bride…’ Then she thought for a moment before continuing: ‘Actually, there is… TWO drunk brides!’ I don’t think she’ll ever live that one down. (And we were pretty tiddly by the time the cab came too – but so was everyone else..!)

As for the actual ceremony, we combined lots of official ceremonies to create our own original one that was tailored personally for us. We both added matching sentiments to our vows. We walked down the aisle to Rule the World by Take That – extremely cheesy but we loved it. Actually we wanted it to be Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast but it wasn’t long enough… And we walked out to Blink 182’s All the Small Things.

I wore a mint-green beaded floor length gown that I saw in John Lewis but was actually from (shhhh!) Miss Selfridge. Hannah wore a metallic cropped top from Coast and had a stone blue skirt made by a fabulous seamstress on Etsy. The whole lot cost less than £300 and everyone said we looked gorgeous…

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Photos by Chris Morgan, Instagram @chrismorganweddings